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HRI Incorporated has been the leader in heavy industry for over 20 years in the safety and performance of unique high temperature repairs. The desire to maintain a safe and comfortable work space for our technicians has driven the design, development, and use of proprietary equipment and processes which have been used exclusively in industrial applications.

HRI was recently featured on ‘Industry Today” about safely repairing equipment in high-temperature environments.


HRI has worked for many of the largest and most well respected names in each industry we serve- and we have worked for them over and over again. In fact, 80 percent of the work we perform is for repeat clients who depend on us to meet all their inspection and repair needs.

Oil Refining

HRI has extensive experience servicing all areas within an oil refinery. Our clients depend on us to inspect, maintain, replace, and repair units under extreme conditions and to complete the job safely every time.


Steel manufacturers call HRI when they need repairs and inspections on their critical equipment.


HRI is able to service various units within the mining industry.

Power Generation

HRI has helped many clients in the electric power generation industry by performing inspections and repairs in their facilities while still in full operation.


Emergency Repairs

Turnarounds, inspections, and as-needed maintenance all attempt to avoid the worst-case scenario: a major equipment malfunction that requires a huge decrease in operating capacity or complete facility power-down. When you do need emergency repairs done safely, call HRI. We have large, experienced crews on call and ready to deploy 24 hours a day, 365 days […]

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HRI can perform scheduled repairs on any piece of equipment. We commonly perform work on plants in the oil and gas, power generation, steel manufacturing, and mining industries. Maintenance can be scheduled during turnarounds, between turnaround periods, or on an as-needed basis. Whether or not units will be capable of running at full capacity during […]

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Pre and Post Turnaround Consultations HRI can provide third-party consultations prior to and following turnarounds. These consultations may involve recommendations for inspections, or we can conduct various inspection services ourselves if requested. A consultant in these areas will help you determine: Which high-temperature inspection methods are best suited for the given conditions. This ensures your […]

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Non-destructive testing (NDT) Using sound waves, we isolate hot spots in various pieces of equipment and determine their severity. After locating hot spots, we perform risk assessments to aid in immediate repair decisions or long-term maintenance planning. Videotaped inspections In immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) situations and otherwise hazardous atmospheres, you can watch […]

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Because HRI was able to isolate the area allowing technicians to repair the leak without bringing the entire FCCU down, the owner was not forced to perform an unplanned shutdown. An unplanned FCCU outage of this type would have cost over...

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HRI has many years of experience with repairs such as these and the hazards which need to be mitigated. Collaboration between HRI and the owner resulted in a comprehensive and safe repair plan. These plans enabled the work to be safely performed while the unit remained in operation. The repair included welding an eighteen...

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HRI technicians routinely conduct repairs at elevated temperatures in areas that may, or may not be permit required confined spaces. The temperatures during these repairs ranged from 150 degrees F to 380 degrees F. Six force draft

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